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Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources found on the internet in Spanish and English. We are always looking for more good resources to recommend for we know that there are other ministries working hard to provide Biblically sound Christian resources both in English and Spanish. As we find some, we will continue to add additional resources to this page.

In time we may provide some objective personal reviews of these resources too.

We cannot guarantee that the doctrinal stance of each website and the ministry behind it will always coincide with that of Spanish Evangelical Resources, so you must exercise sound judgment and discernment as you check them out for yourself.

Some of these sites appear to be in English, but if you check around you will find they have a Spanish area or they offer books and materials in Spanish.

1. Got Questions Ministries: GotQuestions.org - This site has over 200 staff answering Bible questions and ready to help with their Bible knowledge. They have some pages in Spanish.

2. Biblios.com: Biblios.com - This is a portal site to many wonderful Bible helps, such as online Bible translations in many languages, including Spanish, concordances, dictionary, encylopedia, commentaries, devotions, visuals, lexicon, a Greek New Testament, Apocrypha, Bible people, and atlases. (Click on the 7th or 8th flag at the very top to change the site to Spanish).

3. Evangelico.com: evangelio.com - a Spanish blog which discusses news on many topics from the Christian perspective.

4. Christian Answers.Net/spanish/home.html: www.ChristianAnswers.net - a mega-site providing biblical answers to contemporary questions for all ages and nationalities with over 45-thousand files. (Click on the second flag from the left, if you are not on the Spanish version of the site).

5. Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry: www.Carm.org - A Christian site that promotes and defends the Gospel and doctrine. It analyzes religions such as Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, Universalism, Wicca, etc., and compares them to the Bible. It also anyalyzes secular ideas such as abortion, atheism, evolution and relativism. (Only in English).

6. Lamb & Lion Ministries: www.LambLion.com - Proclaims the soon return of Jesus. Although it is not possible to know the exact date, it is possible to know the season and to prepare; these people teach this well.

7. Gracia a Vosotros: www.Gracia.org/recursos.aspx - The Spanish resources section of the site for Grace Community Church, where Dr. MacArthur is the pastor. Find Spanish sermons, articles, and devotionals here.

8. BibleGateway.com: www.BibleGateway.com - Don't have the Bible translations and versions on hand you need to check? Look up passages, references and topics here. Choose "Espanol" beside the little flag near the top to switch to the Spanish site.

9. StudyLight.org: StudyLight.org - This has links to many Bible resources. (But the Spanish site you reach from the drop down menu on the left, is still in English. Perhaps a work in progress).