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Download books for Bible Studies and teaching from this page to print and distribute freely.

These are ready-to-print PDF files of Bible study books and commentaries. You may freely download them without charge, and print them yourself, or take them to a local printer for professional work. When the pages are printed you simply collate them in the right order, according to the page numbers and fold the sheets down the center. If you wish, you may staple each book to keep the pages in place.

The commentaries can be obtained in any quantity through Spanish Evangelical Resources in Guatemala City. Please contact us through this website for information as to the process for obtaining them. However, the one condition for use is; no changes can be made to the text or the book cover without express written permission from Spanish Evangelical Resources.

Special Note: These books are only available in Spanish at this time. However, the original editions in English are available at MannaPublications.org and Manna-Publications.org.uk. The books may be formatted differently; these Spanish translations have been edited for clearer communication to the Latin American culture. (If you would like to provide translations into yet another language, please talk to our good friends at Manna Publications).

If you decide to distribute these Bible study books widely, it would give us great joy to know about it. Use the contact page to let us know.

Efesios (Ephesians)

More on Ephesians commentary

Efesios (Ephesians) cover graphic


Santigo (James)

More on James commentary

Santiago (James)


Filipenses (Philippians)

More on Philippians Commentary

Filipenses (Philippians) commentary


1 & 2 Tesalonicenses (Thessalonians)

More on Thessalonians

1 & 2 Thessalonians - in Spanish

DOWNLOAD Tesalonicenses

Marcos (Mark)

More on Mark Commentary

Marcos (Mark) Bible commentary


Marcos (Mark) Bible commentary - guide


DOWNLOAD Marcos (complete book)

Hechos de los Apostoles
(Acts of the Apostles)

More on ...Acts of the Apostles

Hechos de los Apostoles

DOWNLOAD Hechos de los Apostoles

[Note: all our commentaries on this site are offered in Spanish. These English pages are provided for those who find English easier or faster to read].

How to Download Books: simply right-click on the book images or the DOWNLOAD links and save the PDF files to your computer.

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